© Photo Enid Valu
Performance for Intimacy Quarterly, curated by Mira Mann at Blitz Club Garden in Munich. 
Mira Mann (Booking), Daniela Schroll (Production), Carina Güttler (Artwork)

Photos Copyright © Stefane Barnes 
Dancer and backup singer for WAPF? by Anna McCarthy and Manuela Rzytki 
with Tom Wu on drums

Sitting in the Academy Garden, Text & Reading
for Johanna Klinger and Robert Keil’s exhibition, themen
@ Loggia, Munich

“...Could you feel that cold wind? Either a siege of kinetic energy, cooling our warm bodies on this summer

afternoon or a deathly demeanor brushing a shiver down our 
back. It is in fact, Kandinsky's ghost galloping

us, on his favorite horse, Klaus. With no more flesh to spare, only gnawed bones held together by

beetle juice and brain syrup. There they go, through the soldered gates of 
the garden, past the Siegestor,

through the berried bushes on the hill, sheltering the 
Monoptorous. Becoming smaller and smaller for our

human eye to see. Into the 
sunlight they ride and limping behind them, a fatally shot Franz Marc, yelling

frenzy for the sake of the warlord's vanity...”

Lucio, dove sei?
Altar for Lucio Battisti
Performance in a mountain hut during the Mount Trailer excursion, 2015