Performance (~20:00min) & Installation, 2017

A funeral ceremony. Located at the AkademieGalerie, an underground art space run by the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. It has always given me the shivers because of its strange, penetrative scent. The bakery next door emits a cheap yeast smell and the cockroach colonies collect bacterious dirt. The space has always reminded me of death, it was the perfect setting for a funeral. A fake funeral, to construct sadness.

I invite you to join me in a room  of collected sadness,
placed in small boxes and handled with care.
Where grieving becomes individual,
it appears in a delicate range of chubby shapes.

When a body is forever calm but the spirits are joined
by the hands and dance in circles to the sounds of a
high-pitched voice.
When a funeral becomes
an occurrence of repetition,
a happening of thought,
an organised ceremony.

: where bad breath has no meaning
: when emotions are mixed to juice
and solitude is made team captain.
:where the constructed sorrow awaits.

I invite you to join
and be joined by the cold
thought of death.
Protected by the sincere
feeling of something soft
and the calming scent of