Earth Mound I & II
Pencil & Charcoal on paper
21.0 x 29.8 cm

Photo: ABR Contemporary 

Pencil and Charcoal on Paper
35,6 cm x 27,7 cm 

Mighty People DNA,
Pencil on paper

Foto: Galerie Christine Mayer

Shown in the groupshow Flesh and Time and Bread and Friends
Curated by Kristina Schmidt Kristina SchmidtGalerie Christine Mayer

Untitled 1,2,3,4
Charcoal and pencil on paper

Ecuadorian wedding invitation

Germinating Beans, 2020
Ink on paper

@ The Hammer and the Dance, Haus Litzinger, Icking
Groupshow curated by Lukas Hoffmann & Johannes Thum, 2020
Pencil & charcoal on paper
200 cm x 150 cm

Arts of the Working Class x 2038
Issue 120 : The new Serenity
Ink drawings, 2020

Five ink drawings made for Issue no.120 of Arts of the Working Class (a street newspaper based in Berlin). An issue made in collaboration with the German Pavillion’s curatorial project for the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy.

Drawing for a Beau’s Babyshower

Arts of the Working Class
Issue 5: Unchain Change
Colored pencil drawings, 2019
& Window painting for AOWC release, Palermo, Stuttgart, 2019

Die Olivenölblattlaus beim Transport
@ EXILE Gallery, Berlin
Ink on paper, 2018
70 cm x 100 cm

Simona & Guiseppe
Wedding Card, 2016
Ink on paper